Three Bay Green Oak Building

Three Bay Green Oak Building kit, up to 9m x 6m, ready for erection. Please note installation is not included in the price below. Bespoke sizes are available. For any questions or bespoke quotes, please feel free get in touch.

Oak Frontage includes oak posts, top plate & curved braces to the front elevation of your frame.
A full oak option is where all the posts, curved braces & plates on your frame are in oak.

Enter the amount below.

Enter the amount below.

Freestanding log stores include 150×150 oak posts, top plate, 2x curved braces & 6×2 softwood roof rafters to be cut & pitched on site.
Integrated log stores include the above along with softwood studwork & cladding that matches your frame, to enclose the store.
Two Post – 3m wide, 1.2m deep
Three Post – 6m wide, 1.2m deep

These add ons are recommended for our 45d pitch option with useable roof space, or to create storage space. Please note this does not include any flooring.

We provide studwork for the framework and double up the rafters either side, ready for your window to be fitted in.

We provide studwork for the framework, cladding to either sides & pre cut roof rafters.

We provide studwork for the framework, cladding to either sides & pre cut roof rafters.

If you are looking for increased useable space in the roof of your frame this is the way to do it. Roof pitch can also be amended if raised eaves are included in the design of your frame.

This options includes taller front & rear posts, steel brackets, threaded bar & bolts to tie the posts & beams together.

* If you have chosen 45 degree with usable roof space, this requires slightly larger posts off 200cm x 200cm.

** Please note, haulage is done on a quotation basis, though as a guide we charge £4 per mile +VAT.